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About us

Worship Style

We are a non-denominational protestant church.  We are similar in style to Baptist or other Evangelical churches.

Our worship style is relaxed and friendly.  Our worship music is pre-recorded and projected on a screen so that we can all sing together.  We play a mix of traditional hymns and modern contemporary worship songs.  Our services are typically 60-90 minutes long.  

The sermons are typically around the 30-minute mark (no promises!!!) with a focus on expositional preaching.  That means that the messages are based on the Bible, and are meant to teach Biblical truth and insight with an understanding of what the Bible is saying to us, rather than trying to make it say what we want it to.

Because we have no permanent church building at this time, our service locations may vary.  Once a month or so, we join with our friends at the Church of God in Churchbridge, where Pastor Bryan provides occasional pulpit supply.

Core Beliefs

(This section will continue to be built out as time permits.  Please check back periodically.)

The Bible: We believe that the Bible in its original form is the inerrant, inspired, and infallible Word of God.  It is the ultimate authority.

Our Pastor

Pastor Bryan Watson has over 25 years of experience in various lay-ministry roles, from teaching and preaching, to administration, to technical and worship ministry.  He holds an Associate Degree of Pastoral Ministry from Patriot Bible University and a Creation Apologetics Master Certificate from Answers in Genesis.

His passion is to show people the wonder of the Scriptures by how Old Testament prophecy and New Testament fulfillment fit together like a hand in a glove!  When we see the wonder of the Scriptures, and the attention to detail that God breathed into them, we can trust completely in His plan for Salvation.

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